Compare/Contrast of Egyptian and Greek Mythology

In contrast to Egyptian mythology, Greek mythology has a more enlightened theme. As the Egyptians had a large appeal to the Duat (Egyptian underworld), the Greeks mainly focus on the Cosmos, Mount Olympia, and the Olympian Gods/Heroes. 

Greek mythology was believed in Ancient Greece 4000 years ago, and was practiced because this gave them some control over their lives (due to the fact that the belief of gods gave them hope). Egyptian mythical legends took place before the actual Egyptians existed, whereas the people of Greece believed that the gods triggered certain events such as the Trojan War or thunder. 

Egyptian mythology was believed in ancient Egypt. The religion had its roots back in Egypt's beginning, and stretched for more than 5100 years (being older than the Greek religion). This religion was practiced, and the roots of the Egyptian gods passed down to the Pharaoh, or the ruler of ancient Egypt. They buried the body of the Pharaoh in a cast, which is known as mummies. Their bodies are stored in tombs, where the Egyptians believed that they could pass down to the afterlife.    

Egyptian gods held their beliefs in pyramids and tombs, where they prayed to the gods and their Pharaoh. On the other hand, Greeks prayed in temples and pantheons. All of the temples were themed as different gods, such as the Temple of Athena.